Throughout your experience with Leaptee, you’ll encounter a few parts of our website, production process, and email system that are coordinated automatically. By purchasing or selling a product on Leaptee, you confirm that you understand and agree to these automations, detailed below. For additional clarification, please refer to Leaptee’s Frequently Asked Questions section.


Product Substitutions – In the rare case that the product sold or purchased is experiencing extremely low or depleted stock levels, we will substitute a product of equal or higher quality. Leaptee will make reasonable attempts to notify you in the event of a product substitution.

Design Sizing – After a campaign has reached its sales goal, the campaign design may automatically be resized to fit on the smallest garment that was purchased by your buyers.

Color Adjustments – If a design submitted by the campaign creator contains colors that are not available to one of our printing facilities, we’ll make sure we find the closest PMS (Pantone Matching System) value to print accordingly.

Campaigns and Pay-Outs:

Automatic Goal Drop – In the case that a campaign is profitable and has sold more than five items, but has not yet reached its sales goal by its end date, Leaptee may lower the campaign’s goal to the number of products sold, continuing with fulfillment and distribution of orders.

Pay-Out Adjustments – After a campaign has ended successfully, the profit paid out to the creator is subject to change based on any orders that have failed to process due to insufficient funds available in the purchaser’s account, or the use of invalid credit cards.

Automatic Relaunch – After a campaign has ended, the “Buy it now” button will become an “I still want this!” button. Individuals can then place a reservation on the campaign by entering their credit card information. If the campaign reaches enough reservations to become profitable to produce, the campaign will automatically relaunch with the same timeline as the original campaign. Orders already placed will be processed, and new buyers can now purchase the shirt.

Emails and Messages:

Intellectual Property Notices – If a campaign is found to contain infringing material, the campaign owner will receive an automated email from our team notifying them of the campaign’s removal. Any buyers of a removed campaign will receive an email notifying them that their order has been cancelled and refunded.

Seller to Buyer Messaging – By purchasing from a campaign, buyers opt in to receive messages from the campaign creator. These messages often contain information regarding campaign changes, pick-up information, or “thank you” notices. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link present at the bottom of each seller-to-buyer email.

Updated December 7th, 2014