Our Processes, Policies & Rules

Every campaign that you submit to Leaptee will be reviewed for infringement within 24 hours of launch.

Any campaign removed after 24 hours of launch has been removed as a result of a takedown notice, or a cease and desist showing proof of ownership.

Before launching your campaign, make sure your campaign does not

  • Use a logo, or a slightly altered version of a logo
  • Use an organization or an individual’s name
  • Contain protected lyrics, poems, movie quotes, taglines, etc.
  • Create a connection to an individual without their permission (full name, last name, a photograph or cartoon of them)
  • Contain an iconic font, linked to the trademark that made it iconic i.e. (the Red Sox’s unique font)
  • Use lyrics, images, or related artwork associated with a musical act (such as the Grateful Dead skull)
  • Contain protected material in the description, URL, or title such as:
    • videos, gifs, or photos
    • the name of a company or team (such as Dairy Queen, Disney, or the Miami Dolphins)
    • the names or likenesses of celebrities, such as athletes or musicians
  • Create a direct or strong association to material affiliated with:
    • a professional sports organization (MLB, NHL, NFL, etc.)
    • an institution, such as a university or college
    • a current or past film or television show, such as Sons of Anarchy, Different Strokes, or Lion King
    • an organization, such as through the use of the protected “USMC” mark belonging to the U.S. Military
    • a brand, such as Harley Davidson, Google, or Jeep

Disclaimer: In extremely rare circumstances, infringing materials may be removed after 24 hours and without an external takedown if clear infringement is demonstrated.