Whether you’re raising money, building community or just selling an awesome design there’s a few things you can do to help spread the word and reach your goal. Promote your campaign on Facebook Posting a status update on Facebook with your campaign link (e.g., leaptee.com/yourcampaign) is a great way to get your campaign in front of your friends of community. When you share your campaign link Facebook will automatically add a link preview with a picture of your shirt, the title of your campaign and the description! Create a Facebook Event and Invite Your Friends Creating a Facebook event and inviting your friends is another easy way of getting the word out. Just go to www.facebook.com/events and click the “Create Event” link in the top right. An event allows you to go into more detail about your campaign as well as featuring additional pictures of your design (it also makes it easy to invite all your friends so they receive an email notification)! Facebook Promotional Tools You can also take advantage of Facebook’s promotion tools, which allow you to promote a post to your friends for just $7. Promoted posts appear at the top of your friends news feed for 24 hours and are a great way to get the message out. If you are promoting your campaign through your Facebook group and want to promote your post we recommend you choose the $10 option which guarantees a certain percentage of your fans will see your post. Tweet your campaign If you are on Twitter, the most effective way to promote your campaign is by tweeting a picture of your design with a short message and link to your campaign page (e.g., leaptee.com/yourcampaign). Email your supporters directly Emailing your supporters directly is an extremely effective way of promoting your campaign. We also offer an email tool, which makes it easy to send your message to groups of people. To use the tool just go to your campaign page and click the email icon to the right of the title!