Animal Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Pet Rescue with Custom T-Shirts

Animal rescue charities are some of the noblest charities in the world. Animal rescue charities speak for those who have no voice. Whether rescuing dogs, cats, or elephants, animal rescue charities rely on the generosity of others in other to continue operating.

Today, more and more animal rescue organizations are turning to the internet in order to meet their fundraising goals. At LeapTee, we’ve helped a number of animal rescue organizations launch wildly successful fundraisers.

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LeapTee takes a unique approach to fundraising. Our fundraisers are risk-free and minimize the amount of investment required by all parties involved. Our t-shirts are also famously comfortable and stylish and feature a modern, pre-shrunk fit.

For all of these reasons, animal rescue organizations have come to rely on in their times of need. Here are just a few of the unique advantages that LeapTee brings to your animal rescue fundraising campaigns:

Set up everything online

Running an animal rescue takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, fundraising takes a lot of time too. That’s why we give our users the ability to set up every step of their fundraiser online in five minutes or less. You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to fundraise. Plus, you can manage your fundraising campaign on-the-go from any internet connected device. If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and effective way to launch a fundraising campaign for your animal shelter, then LeapTee can help.

Unlimited shirt design possibilities

Thanks to our easy-to-use custom design tool, designing a great-looking shirt is simple. An animal shelter fundraising t-shirt may feature a picture of a cartoon dog, for example, or a simple message urging people to rescue animals, like “Help Your Local Furry Friend.

We’ve helped thousands of animal rescue organizations create awesome-looking t-shirts with our t-shirt design tool. In fact, we’ve even uploaded signature “ready to launch” graphics just for animal rescues and shelters.

Spread your animal rescue message all over the world

When launching a fundraiser online, it’s easy to get support from all over the world. Many people launch fundraisers thinking that only friends and family members will provide support. Today, the internet has made it easier than ever to find charitable people online.

Animal rescue organizations are appreciated by people all over the world. By sharing your animal rescue organization’s message on social media, you can attract support from friends, family members, and people you’ve never met before. Instead of going door-to-door asking for support from individuals, you can reach out to thousands of people with a single click. We make this easy by giving you your own custom URL to share.

A t-shirt your supporters will be proud to wear

Most people appreciate animal rescue organizations. They save the lives of animals that have no voice for themselves. Your contributors want to advertise their support for animal rescue, so why not give them a stylish and comfortable t-shirt that helps them do that?

LeapTee t-shirts are famously comfortable and feature a modern-fitted design in multiple sizes. They look good on just about anybody and are built to last. When you combine this with stylish, custom shirt designs, it’s easy to see why more and more animal rescue organizations are using to launch successful online fundraisers.

Risk-free fundraising made easy

Perhaps the biggest advantage of LeapTee is that it’s 100% risk-free. Our unique fundraising model ensures that your fundraiser can either be wildly successful or cost absolutely nothing.


How does that work? Once your fund ends, as long as you’ve sold the minimum quantity needed to print we print the t-shirts and ship them to all your contributors. If you do not reach the minimum quantity needed to print, then the shirts are never produced, nobody is charged, and money never exchanges hands.

This risk-free fundraising model is an excellent way for animal rescues to raise money for anything from operating costs to expansion projects. The last thing you want is for your fundraiser to lose money, but unfortunately, that’s a risk that many charitable organizations take with fundraising campaigns. With LeapTee, we make your fundraiser as risk-free as possible.

Zero up-front costs, you keep the profit

There are two ways for your supporters to contribute to your fund on LeapTee: they can buy a t-shirt and/or leave an additional donation during checkout. We let you keep all profits from t-shirt sales, while we simply apply an 8% fee (3.5% credit card processing fee + 4.5% admin fee) to all additional donations.

We firmly believe that offers one of the best online fundraising methods available today. Our risk-free process ensures that your fundraising campaign never loses money and that the maximum amount of money goes towards the most important cause: rescuing animals.

More Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Animal shelters provide a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Every day, animal shelters protect cats, dogs, and other animals from being harmed.

Looking for fundraising ideas for an animal shelter? Here are some of the most effective animal shelter fundraising ideas available today:

Dog walks and runs: 5K walks and runs are popular with all different types of charitable organizations. However, they’re particularly popular with animal shelters because participants can bring a dog with them. You can walk dogs from the shelter or ask participants to bring their own pets. Ask participants to raise money in support of the cause or charge a small entry fee.

Set up a story telling contest: Cat and dog owners love to share stories about their pets. Why not reward them for their stories? Setup a contest on Facebook and ask cat and dog owners to share their best pet story. Reward the best stories with prizes or challenge participants to collect the most ‘likes’. You can charge an entry fee for the contest or simply ask for donations. At the very least, this will raise awareness for your cause.

Charity car wash: Car washes are an easy way to raise money for all types of organizations. Bring animal shelter pets to your charity car wash and let drivers pet them while their cars are being washed. Drivers get to hang out with cute animals and they leave with a clean car.

Spread charity boxes around town: Create charity boxes with images of adoptable pets. Spread them around to local businesses like grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. A little pocket change at 50 locations around town can quickly add up to a successful fundraising opportunity.

Partner with local businesses: Dog and cat lovers are everywhere. Contact local businesses about sponsorship opportunities. Sell advertising space around the animal shelter or place billboards on your lot. The company gets good publicity in exchange for a charitable donation.

Partner with local news agencies: Some animal shelters have a partnership with local news agencies. Once a week, the animal shelter might bring cute adoptable animals to the news station for the morning news show, for example. Or, adoptable animals might appear in newspapers and on local news websites.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!