Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Athletics Programs with Booster T-Shirts

Booster clubs are a great way to support the needs of school athletics programs that aren’t met by the regular school budget. Groups often use revenue from raffles, football game concessions, and apparel sales to raise the funds needed. A well-run booster club can supplement the cost of new uniforms, tournament travel expenses, equipment, award ceremonies, camps, and entry fees.

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Students, teachers, and community volunteers have already used LeapTee’s unique fundraising platform to raise money for all kinds of causes. Create unity amongst your cheering section with a custom booster shirt and start collecting funds that will support your teams all year long. To get started, simply design a t-shirt using our design wizard, set a selling price, and launch the fund.
Most booster clubs have dues at the start of the year. You could even roll the club dues into the selling price and use your fund as enrollment for your group. Students and family members can buy shirts through our site, and we take care of the printing and shipping to each individual fan. You can even view a list of supporters in your dashboard to use as a master member list.

Soft, Comfortable, and Stylish

One of the best parts about ordering a shirt from LeapTee is getting to see what a t-shirt is supposed to feel like. We only print on premium quality shirts that are soft to the touch and have a modern fit. We even have ladies slim fit sizes available in many of our shirt colors. Many of our shirts are heathered to give the fabric a deeper, more interesting color profile. Don’t be surprised if you see fans wearing your LeapTee booster t-shirts out around town. Combine our shirt quality with an original design and you’ll earn a top spot in your fans’ wardrobes.

Easy T-Shirt Design Wizard

Anyone can slap a school logo on a shirt, but is that going to be something that your fans really love to wear?! Probably not. Designing a creative shirt from scratch isn’t easy either. Fortunately, our t-shirt design wizard takes all the stress and technical mumbo jumbo out of creating a great looking image for booster t-shirt printing. Use our library of graphics, text editor, or even whole pre-made designs from our design library to create the perfect look.

Fast and Easy Payments

Checkout is a breeze for your supporters when they order one of your booster shirts from LeapTee’s website. They can order any number of shirts and even leave an additional donation above the selling price you set to support the fundraising goals of the booster club. After your t-shirt fundraiser ends, we send you the money raised in PayPal, one of the internet’s fastest, most trusted money transfer systems.

Risk-Free Fundraising

With a whole school that comes out to sporting events, it can be near impossible to accurately predict the number of shirts that students, parents, and faculty are going to buy. One common problem with booster t-shirt sales is buying too many and then being stuck with excess inventory that is just a sunk cost. With LeapTee online fundraising, we take care of all the order taking and ship shirts to each individual costumer so you don’t have to worry about inventory at all. You just keep your eyes on the field where the sports are being played, and we’ll take care of the rest.

More Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

School Dance: Dances are probably already regular occurring events at your school, and they are a great way to raise money through admission fees. If they are popular and most students usually attend the events, consider boosting revenue by adding another creative dance to the school calendar like a Sadie Hawkins, Winter Formal, or Spring Fling.
Concessions: Selling food and drinks at sporting events is a must for any booster club. People are already expecting to pay high prices on food and drinks at events. You can easily buy burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks in bulk and sell them at games for a substantial margin.
Raffle Giveaway: Ask local businesses to donate prizes as a form of advertisement for them. Then, sell tickets to students, teachers, and parents. You can have tickets on sale for weeks, but your biggest chance to raise money is going to be at the event you do the drawing at. Announce that you will be selecting the winner during half time of a game or at intermission of a concert, and give people time to make a last minute purchase.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!