Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Cancer Fundraisers with Customized T-Shirts

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people around the world.Fortunately, many types of cancer are treatable. In order to pay for costly cancer treatments, more and more people are turning to’s online fundraising platform.

LeapTee simplifies the fundraising process. We let you set up your fundraiser in a matter of minutes before designing a great t-shirt for your campaign.

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You set the price of the t-shirt and you get to keep the profits. By telling friends, family members, and even complete strangers about your story, you can quickly reach your minimum quantity needed to print and raise money in support of cancer treatment.

Whether you’re raising money for the cancer treatment of a loved one or you’re donating money to a cancer charity, LeapTee wants to make sure your cancer fundraiser is as successful as possible. Here are a few ways we help cancer fundraisers succeed:

Set up your fundraiser in minutes

Most types of fundraisers require days of preparation. From bake sales to charity runs, fundraisers require a lot of work. At LeapTee, we take a different approach. Our fundraisers can be setup in a matter of minutes. Simply create a design using our free design tool, setup your fund’s details and click ‘launch’. The entire process takes only minutes to complete, making LeapTee one of the most easy and efficient cancer fundraising platforms available today.

Entirely risk-free

Your cancer fundraiser should make more money than it loses. That sounds like an obvious statement, but it’s something that doesn’t always happen with traditional fundraisers. Selling boxes of chocolates, for example, may require you to spend thousands of dollars on inventory before you sell a single box.

At LeapTee, we’ve come up with a different approach: we don’t print any t-shirts until your fund ends and you’ve reached or exceeded the minimum quantity needed to print. This means you don’t have to pay any fees upfront. In fact, it doesn’t cost you a dime to create a fundraiser. Because of this, your LeapTee fundraiser is 100% risk-free, which means you can either make a positive profit on your fundraiser or make no profit at all – it’s impossible for anyone to lose money.

You keep the profits

Because LeapTee is based entirely online, we can trim the costs of fundraising to a point where you get to keep the maximum amount of proceeds. In fact, you receive all profits tied to your shirt sales. We simply apply an 8% fee to all additional donations that your supporters leave. This system means more money for your cancer charity or cancer treatment.

Custom t-shirt design tool

In all likelihood, you’re not an experienced t-shirt designer. So how are you going to make a t-shirt so good that people will want to buy it? That’s where we come in: we’ve built an easy-to-use online shirt designer with thousands of graphics, fonts and design elements. So you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a shirt that people actually want to buy.

To get some inspiration for your next shirt design, discover current and past campaigns.

Easily spread your message across the internet

It’s virtually impossible to find somebody who hasn’t been affected by cancer. Nearly everybody knows someone – a friend or loved one – who has been diagnosed with cancer. For that reason, cancer fundraising campaigns can attract a lot of support online.

We’ve made it easy for you to spread the message of your cancer fundraiser around the internet. After launching your fundraiser, you receive a simple URL like You can easily post that URL on Facebook, Twitter, or online cancer support groups. Whether raising money for personal cancer treatment or for a cancer charity, you’ll have no trouble finding online support for your cause.

Support all different types of charities and causes

Our website has been used to support hundreds of different types of fundraising campaigns. From overseas child adoptions to animal rescue charities, we can help just about any organization raise the funding they need. When it comes to cancer, our fundraising system can be used to support anything from large cancer charities to your own personal medical treatment.

Our t-shirts are famously comfortable and stylish. Your fundraiser takes only minutes to setup and has the potential to raise thousands in support of any cause.

More Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Every year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer. Many of those who are diagnosed with cancer cannot afford to pay for treatment.

Fortunately, many of these people choose to launch fundraisers in support of cancer treatment. Some cancer fundraisers are used to cover treatment costs of an individual – like a family or friend. Other cancer fundraisers go towards cancer research and cancer support organizations.

No matter what type of cancer fundraiser you’re launching, there are plenty of good cancer fundraising ideas available today. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cancer charity runs: Charity runs are a popular way to get participants involved while also raising money for a good cause. Charity runs can raise support for cancer research or go towards a particular person who has been diagnosed with cancer. Whether it’s a 5K run or a marathon, runs are always a popular fundraising tool.

Contact family and friends for direct donations: Talk to your family and friends and ask for donations. Contact them via Facebook or any other method. If you’re raising money in support of individual cancer treatment, then your friends and family will undoubtedly be willing to help.

Sports tournaments: The best fundraisers are ones where participants get to join in the fun. Sports tournaments are an effective way to raise money against cancer. Whether it’s a 3-on-3 basketball tournament or a soccer shootout, you can charge teams for entry and then award a grand prize to the winner.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!