Charity Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money Online for Charity with Custom T-Shirts

Charities rely on the generosity of others in other to stay afloat. Some charities build homes for people in third world countries. Other charities provide food and shelter for locals or help raise support for endangered animals. However, all charities have one thing in common: they support a good cause.

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That’s why loves to help charities. We use our innovative online fundraising website to limit the risks of fundraising while maximizing the benefits. Because of our risk-free platform, charities from across the country have been able to safely raise funds while rewarding their contributors with something useful: a t-shirt they actually enjoy wearing.

No matter what type of charity you’re running, LeapTee wants to help. To learn more about our unique fundraising advantages for charities, keep reading:

Set up a charity fundraiser in five minutes or less

Setting up a fundraiser can be a time-consuming process. Some charities choose to host an event as a fundraiser, like a dinner where guests pay per plate. Other charities host bake sales or musical events. The main problem with these types of fundraising campaigns is that they can be very time-consuming to organize and require a sizable cash investment upfront.

For most charities, both time and money is at a premium. Charities often rely on the volunteer efforts of others in order to remain operational. For that reason, most charities can’t afford to spend a week planning a charity event.

That’s why designed the fundraiser setup process to be as fast and easy as possible. In five minutes or less, you can create a custom shirt design, set the price of your t-shirt, and launch your fund — all totally free and with zero risk or commitment. Next, all you have to do is spread and share your charity’s message with the internet and wait for donations to pour in. We’ll do the rest!


Free online t-shirt design tool

In all likelihood, you’re not a professional t-shirt designer. In fact, you’ve probably never designed a t-shirt in your life. That’s why we created our own online t-shirt design tool!  With thousands of design elements, graphics and fonts to choose from, you can create the perfect shirt for your cause in minutes, not hours.

Soft, comfortable, and well-fitted t-shirts

LeapTee t-shirts are famously comfortable. They also feature a modern fitted design, which means they’ll look fantastic on just about anybody. That’s good for your contributors, because it means they’re buying a t-shirt that they actually want to wear. It’s also good for you and your charity, because you’ll sell more t-shirts. Everybody wins!

Risk-free charity fundraisers

Most traditional types of fundraising require charities to buy inventory in advance. If a certain amount of inventory isn’t sold, then the fundraising campaign can actually lose money. That’s why we believe in risk-free fundraising.

How do we do that? As long as you’ve sold the minimum quantity needed to print before your fund ends, we manufacture the t-shirts and send them directly to your contributors. If you don’t sell the minimum quantity needed to print, then nobody is charged and money never exchanges hands. There are no hidden fees and the entire process is designed to be as transparent – and as risk-free – as possible.


Easily share your charity’s message online has helped spread support for all different types of fundraising campaigns – from adoptions to medical treatment fundraising. With adoptions and medical treatment fundraising, most of your contributors tend to be friends and family members. However, with charity fundraising, you have the potential to reach out to thousands of people across the world. Charities can find support from donors they’ve never met before, and any charity with a noble cause can find plenty of support online.

It’s up to you to spread and share the message of your charity online. We’ve made spreading and sharing your message easy by giving you your own personal URL. You can send your URL across social media and the internet to attract support for your cause. On the internet, any charity campaign has the potential to be overwhelmingly successful.

Best of all, you can enjoy all of these benefits after spending just a few minutes setting up your campaign.

More Charity Fundraising Ideas

Charity fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes. Some charities go door-to-door asking for money, while others implement creative t-shirt fundraising campaigns.

Looking for effective ways to raise funds for your charity? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Bake sales: If you need to raise a little bit of money in a short period of time, then bake sales are an excellent fundraising option. Bake sales are ideal for smaller charities because all charity supporters can bake something special. Everybody brings dishes of baked goods and then you sell those baked goods for a profit. It’s a simple and effective type of fundraising.

Spread charity boxes around town: Most businesses are happy to accept charity boxes if it’s in support of a good cause. Make some charity boxes out of cardboard or wood and post a message or picture on the front. Go around town and distribute them to convenience stores, gas stations, coffee shops, and any other places where people have loose change.

Charity dinners: If you’re raising funds for a larger charity, then charity dinners are an excellent fundraising opportunity. Charge a fee per plate (or leave it up to the individual to decide) and put on a great show. You can hire someone to entertain the crowd or ask a local celebrity to host the event. From live music to magic shows, there are all sorts of possibilities for your charity dinner.

Organize a charity run: Plenty of charities launch runs in support of various causes. Whether it’s a short 5K or a marathon, charity runs are an effective way to gain support for your cause. The best part about charity runs is that it’s up to the runners to collect most of the donations, which makes organizing a charity run much easier – especially if you’re a smaller charity with only a few staff members or volunteers.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!