Children Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Children with Custom T-Shirts

Children are our future. It’s a cliché line, but it’s absolutely true. Children’s organizations around the world want to make sure that future is as bright as possible.

There are thousands of different children’s organizations and charities all over the world. These groups have a number of different goals. Some kid’s organizations help kids in foreign countries, while other organizations provide after-school care or vacations to local at-need children.

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But many of these organizations share one common theme: they rely on outside support to stay afloat. Today, many children’s organizations are using online t-shirt fundraisers to raise support for all sorts of different causes.

No matter what your children’s fundraising needs may be, wants to make sure that fundraiser is as successful as possible. Here are a few qualities that make our fundraising system ideal for your organization:

Risk-free fundraising for you and your contributors

Traditional fundraisers have three possible outcomes: they can make money, lose money, or break even. Unfortunately, too many fundraisers seem to lose money or break even. No matter how noble your fundraiser’s cause may be, traditional fundraising is risky. You may have to pre-purchase inventory, for example, or rent out a venue for a charity event. In any case, you need to sell a certain number of wristbands, tickets, or boxes of chocolate just to break even. takes a different approach. We limit our expenses by being based entirely online. We also make sure there are only two possible outcomes for your fundraiser: you can either make lots of money or make no money at all. It’s impossible for your fundraising campaign to lose money because we don’t charge you or your fundraiser any fees.

Instead, we send 100% of all t-shirt proceeds directly to you. Once your fund ends and you have reached or exceeded the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts), we print and ship those shirts to your contributors. If the minimum needed to print is never reached, then your shirts are not manufactured and no one is charged. This unique fundraising system means that it is impossible for your children’s fundraiser to lose money.

The easiest online fundraiser available today

Traditional fundraisers can be risky, but they can also be time-consuming. You may have to go door-to-door selling boxes of chocolate, for example. Or, you may need to setup booths in front of supermarkets selling event tickets, wristbands, or other gifts.

Today, more and more children’s organizations are using the power of the internet to save time and effort. Our online fundraising system is built to be as simple and fast as possible: it takes only a few minutes to fill out the details of your fundraiser and, from there, all you need to do is spread and share your URL with people online.

You can share your URL on Facebook to spread awareness to friends and family members. Or, you could garner the support of strangers by posting on other social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, or wherever.

The best part about online fundraising is that your campaign has the potential to go viral: with a little media coverage and a few shares online, you can reach out to thousands of people. If your cause is noble enough, you’ll reach your minimum sales goal in no time at all.

Soft, comfortable, and stylish t-shirts

Your fundraising campaign is bound to be more successful if you give your contributors something they actually want to wear. Using our online t-shirt designer, it’s easy to create a snazzy design that matches the theme of your children’s organization or cause.

Then, we print those designs onto t-shirts that feature soft, high-quality fabric and a modern fit design. The end result is that our t-shirts are made to be worn: they’re not made to lie at the bottom of your dresser drawer like other charity t-shirts. If you want to reward your fundraising contributors with something tangible, then LeapTee is the best way to go.

And of course, when people wear your fundraiser’s t-shirt around town, they’ll raise awareness and support for your children’s organization. This can make future t-shirt fundraisers even more successful.

Support for a diverse range of causes

Kids fundraising comes in all different varieties. Your organization may be taking children on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, for example. Or, kids may be trying to raise money for a local charity or minor league sports team.

Whatever the nature of your fundraising campaign may be, LeapTee can help. Our site has helped people across the country raise money for everything from adoptions to medical treatments. With the help of our online shirt designer tool, we’ll make your children’s fundraiser as successful as possible too.

More Children Fundraising Ideas

Children’s organizations support millions of children around the world. Some children’s organizations help orphans find adoptive parents, while other organizations simply provide children with the food and water they need in order to survive.

There is one thing that many children’s organizations have in common: they rely on the generosity of others in order to remain in operation. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for children’s organizations:

Sponsor a child: People are more likely to donate to a children’s organization if there’s a face behind their donation. That’s why child sponsorship is so popular. With child sponsorship, supporters donate a certain amount of money per day or month in order to support a particular child. In exchange, the children’s organization regularly updates the contributor with pictures and news as the child grows up.

Launch a charity run: Charity runs are a popular way for all different types of charities to raise money. With children’s charity runs, organizations can raise money on their own and also ask runners to gather donations. This is a massive fundraising opportunity that can be performed on an annual basis to raise support for your cause.

Sports tournaments for kids and adults: From 3-on-3 basketball tournaments to football accuracy competitions, there are all sorts of sports fundraising opportunities. Kids and adults love sports. Charge an entry fee per team or participant and award a grand prize to the winner.

Charity dinner: Charge a fee per plate and reward supporters with an awesome meal and good entertainment. Ask local celebrities to attend the event or hire a band to keep guests happy. During the dinner, you can also raise more money with a raffle, poker tournament, bingo tournament, and other fun events.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!