Church Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Your Church with Custom T-Shirts

Churches around the world rely on charitable contributions in order to continue running. For that reason, churches regularly launch fundraising campaigns in support of various goals. Some church fundraisers simply go towards rent, maintenance, and other costs associated with operating a church, while other fundraisers go towards church renovations, mission trips, and more.
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Whatever your church’s fundraiser needs may be, LeapTee is here to help. At, we do everything in our power to make your church fundraiser a success. Our professional t-shirt design tool helps you create an awesome t-shirt, and 100% of all t-shirt proceeds are sent directly to you.

If you’re thinking of using for your church fundraiser, then here are a few other unique advantages we offer:

Launch your church fundraiser online

It takes only minutes to setup your online t-shirt fundraiser. You set the price of the shirt and pick how long you want the fund to last. Contributors visit your fundraising page and purchase a t-shirt using our secure online form. Every step of the fundraising campaign can be completed online, which means you don’t have to leave your computer chair to start a successful online fundraising campaign.

People love LeapTee t-shirts

LeapTee shirts are famously comfortable and are printed on high quality fabric at our state-of-the-art printing facility. That means more people will want to wear your t-shirts, which means more t-shirt sales and better publicity for your church. When people actually want to wear your t-shirt out in public, it increases the visibility of your fundraising campaign.

Risk-free and no initial investment is required

Most types of fundraising come with a bit of risk. Launching a fundraiser for an event, for example, may require you to book thousands of dollars’ worth of catering, equipment, a venue, and more. If your event is successful, then all of these costs and more will be covered. But if it isn’t successful for whatever reason, then your fundraising campaign will lose money.

With LeapTee, we believe in a risk-free approach to fundraising. To do that, you must sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts) before any contributors are charged. If you never reach the minimum needed to print, then your shirts are not created and nobody is charged anything. You can either make money from your fundraising campaign or make nothing – but you certainly cannot lose money.

Spread and share your church’s message online

Churches receive funding from all sorts of different sources. When you tell people about your church’s LeapTee fundraiser online, you might get responses from all over the world. Churches of all denominations can find support online in the form of religious organizations, religious forums, and more. Thanks to our online fundraising system, you can easily spread and share your fundraising campaign’s URL to anyone who will hear your message. When more people spread and share your campaign, you’re likely to sell more shirts and raise more money. 

You keep the proceeds

Church fundraising should be about raising funds, and you can’t do that if your fundraiser is buried in fees, surcharges, and hidden costs. At, we firmly believe in providing charitable causes with the maximum possible amount of fundraising. That means more money for your church and less money lost on hidden fees.

Don’t take time away from your daily routine

Running a church can be tough. Smaller churches may only be able to afford to hire one or two staff members. For that reason, a good church fundraising campaign shouldn’t take time away from your daily routine. If you were to launch a bake sale, yard sale, or event fundraiser, then you might have to work long hours for weeks. With, the entire process can be completed quickly and online. You don’t have to take time away from your daily routine, which means you can easily launch fundraisers throughout the year.


Support churches of all denominations

No matter which denomination your church may be, you’ll find to be an excellent place to launch a fundraiser. Fundraisers of all shapes, sizes, forms, and denominations can easily be launched using our website, and our risk-free process is helping charitable causes across the world raise money for all different types of events.

More Church Fundraising Ideas

Churches rely on the generosity of others in order to remain in operation. Because of that, churches are always searching for new and creative fundraising methods.

Looking for more church fundraising ideas? Here are some of the most successful fundraising methods currently used by churches across the country:

Adult spelling bees: Everybody loves a bit of friendly competition. An adult spelling bee is a fun way for your congregation to participate, but it’s even more entertaining to watch. Adult spelling bees generally work differently than a children’s spelling bee. With adult spelling bees, teams of three to four people work together to spell words. Teams pay an entry fee and can gather additional pledges based on the number of words they spell correctly.

Free car wash: Every car owner needs a car wash at some point. Offer free car washes to motorists and collect pledges based on the number of cars washed. Get your whole congregation to participate and, after a successful pledge drive, you may be able to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars in support for your church.

Plan an event: From bake sales to community dinners, there are plenty of ways to entertain your congregation and raise money while you’re at it. You’ve already got the perfect venue for the event: the church. Sell baked goods and other treats and make sure everybody has a good time.

Bingo night: Bingo nights are risk-free and family-friendly. Ask for prize donations from the community and charge guests an entry fee. Bingo nights are easy to setup and you can host the event in your church.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!