Community Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Your Community with Custom T-Shirts

The word “community” can refer to any group that shares a common value. It can refer to a neighborhood community, where individuals share the same geographic location. Or, it can refer to an online community of like-minded individuals.

There are countless different types of communities, and many of these communities rely on fundraising to survive. Community fundraising can go towards community projects – like a new community sports arena – or it can go towards better online forums or server infrastructure.

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No matter which type of community you’re a part of, LeapTee wants to help. Communities of all shapes and sizes have used to achieve a diverse range of fundraising goals. Our website is easy to use and provides an effective means of gathering people around a common cause – no matter where they are in the world.

Ready to find out what can do for your community fundraising efforts? Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Build your t-shirt online using our free wizard

We understand that you’re not a professional t-shirt designer. So how do you make a t-shirt that people actually want to buy? With our professional t-shirt design tool, of course!

Our design tool is remarkably easy to use. If you can click your mouse button, then you won’t have any trouble using our t-shirt design tool. You can easily change all different aspects of t-shirt design, including color, font, images, logos, and more.

No upfront investments, sunk costs, or hidden fees

Your fundraiser should always make money – not lose it. That might seem like a simple idea. However, many fundraisers – even the ones with good intentions – lose money. Why? It’s because traditional types of fundraising require upfront investment and sunk costs. These costs need to be recouped if the fundraiser is to be successful.

At, we take a different approach. Instead of drowning your fundraiser in fees or hidden charges, we don’t charge you a dime! Instead, we simply wait until your fund ends and then – as long as you’ve sold the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5), we manufacture the shirts and send them to your contributors.

No upfront investment means your community fundraiser will never lose money!

Complete the entire fundraising process online

There are countless different types of communities. Some online communities gather on sites like Reddit, while other local communities meet at their annual neighborhood block party.

Whether you’re fundraising for an online community or a local community, our online fundraising system makes coordinating fundraising efforts as easy as possible. After setting up your fundraiser, we give you a custom URL. Send that URL to the members of your community and ask them to buy a t-shirt.

Every step of our fundraising process – from the initial stages of t-shirt design to the final order – can be completed online. You never have to leave your office chair and you don’t have to cold call people or go door-to-door. It’s easy, fast, and effective, and that’s why we can help your community’s fundraising initiatives.

Contact your entire community in seconds

Sending out emails is a lot easier than going door to door or individually calling people. You can send out thousands of emails in seconds using our easy fundraising system. We give you a custom URL for your fundraiser and you can send that URL to every single member of your community. We also encourage you to post that URL on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media websites are used by your community.

Easy fundraising for all different types of communities

Reaching your minimum sales needed to print shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’re a small, tight-knit community or a large community spread around the world, we’ve seen communities of all shapes and sizes launch successful fundraisers on LeapTee.

Soft, stylish, comfortable t-shirts

On top of all the benefits listed above, we also offer t-shirts that are surprisingly comfortable and stylish. They feature a modern fit that looks good on all different shapes and sizes of people. We also offer t-shirts in multiple sizes – from extra small to double extra large. People will actually want to wear your t-shirts when they leave the house, which means better exposure for your community or cause.

More community fundraising ideas

Online t-shirt fundraising is easy and effective. Looking for other community fundraising ideas? Here are some places to get started:

Online raffles and contests: If you’re fundraising for an online community, it’s easy to launch a raffle, auction, or contest online. Charge people a few dollars per ticket and award a prize to the randomly selected winner. Ask the community to donate prizes or use part of the ticket funding to buy attractive prizes.

Auctions: Both local and online communities can use auctions to raise funds for a cause. Ask for community members to donate prizes and then auction those prizes away to the highest bidder. You can do this using a site like eBay or you can setup a silent auction system. Or, create an auction event on a Friday or Saturday night in your neighborhood. The bigger the prize, the more funds you can raise.

Community events: Community events work better for local communities instead of online ones. Launch an event and hire a band, comedian, hypnotist, or some other type of entertainment. You can make the event as extravagant or simple as you like. And just because you’re a member of an online community doesn’t mean that community can’t meet! Arrange a meetup event to finally see what your community members look like face-to-face.

Sports tournaments: Sports tournaments have helped all different types of communities raise funds. Something as simple as a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, for example, can raise thousands of dollars in support for a cause.

Whether your community revolves around a similar cause, sports team, band, ideology, or geographic location, LeapTee’s innovative fundraising system can help your community achieve its goals. Our risk-free fundraising requires no upfront costs or initial investment. In fact, all we require is for you to reach your minimum sales needed to print. And if your community is as tight knit as many other communities, then reaching your goal should be easy!

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!