Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Launch a Corporate Fundraiser with Custom T-Shirts

Corporate fundraising campaigns have the power to change lives. Many companies choose to perform fundraising campaigns throughout the year. From small companies with a dozen employees to corporations that employ thousands, a good corporate fundraising campaign changes lives for the better.

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At, we want to ensure your corporate fundraising campaign is as successful as possible. LeapTee offers a number of unique advantages when it comes to creating fundraising campaigns online. Our unique, risk-free system ensures your campaign cannot lose money, and everyone knows that LeapTee t-shirts are the most comfortable.

Ready to learn how we can help make your corporate fundraising campaign a success? Here are a few of the advantages we are proud to offer:

Complete every step of your corporate fundraiser online

Today, some charities rely on door-to-door fundraising campaigns or bake sales in order to raise money. However, more and more charities are using the power of the internet to lead successful fundraisers. Today, more money is being spent online than ever before, and people are more willing to contribute to your fundraiser if they can do so in just a few minutes without ever leaving their office chair. Make it easy to contribute to your fundraiser and it will have a significantly higher chance of being successful.

From the initial stages of planning your fundraiser to the final t-shirt sales, every step of your fundraiser can be completed online from wherever you are – your smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or whatever else you use to connect to the internet.

Reward your contributors with something they actually want to wear

How many charity t-shirts do you have in your closet? Most charities mass produce t-shirts, but unfortunately, these t-shirts are rarely stylish or comfortable. That means people don’t want to wear them. When you start a fundraiser at, we reward your contributors with something tangible: a t-shirt they actually want to wear. Everyone knows LeapTee t-shirts are the most comfortable, and your contributors deserve a reward for their fundraising support.

Spread your fundraiser across the internet with a single URL

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past five years, you probably know about the explosive power of social media when it comes to spreading awareness for just about anything. When you start a fundraiser with, we give you a fundraising campaign page on our site. Send that URL to friends, relatives, coworkers, and anyone else who will listen. If you’re starting a corporate fundraiser in a company with 50 employees, think of how many people will hear about your fundraiser if each of those 50 employees shares the fundraiser with their 200 Facebook friends. If your corporate fundraiser is in support of something that benefits a large group of people – like cancer research or a community housing project – then the snowballing power of social media can push your fundraiser to the next level. 

Risk-free fundraising with no pre-purchased inventory required

If you were to sell fundraising t-shirts from your office using traditional methods, then you may have to purchase t-shirts beforehand. But what happens if you create 200 t-shirts and only sell half of them? Your benevolent fundraising efforts could go to waste. Most fundraisers carry some amount of risk, but with, we remove risk from the equation. We do that by only producing t-shirts if you sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts). If you don’t reach your minimum, then your fund contributors are never charged and no shirts are printed.

Use our Custom T-Shirt Design Tool

Designing a t-shirt isn’t as easy as you might think. That’s why many charity t-shirts feature only basic designs and unprofessional logos. It’s important to create t-shirts that people actually want to buy.  Our goal is to help you reach your sales goal, and the best way of doing that is by creating t-shirts that look good. That’s where LeapTee’s easy-to-use custom design tool comes in. In a matter of minutes you can create a gorgeous, eye-catching design that your supporters will love. We designed our t-shirt tool from the ground up to be extremely powerful, yet simple enough for a child or grandparent to use.

Receive 100% of t-shirt proceeds

No matter how noble your online t-shirt fundraiser may be, it’s not going to be very successful if it gets buried in hidden fees, charges, and other costs. explains all fundraising charges to you ahead of time. We send you 100% of the shirt proceeds, and only apply an 8% fee on all additional donations. This means more money for your cause and less money lost from fees along the way.

Support any type of corporate fundraiser

Corporate fundraising campaigns feature all different types of goals. Some corporate fundraising campaigns are designed to help pay the medical bills of an ill coworker, while other fundraisers go towards supporting the local community. No matter which type of corporate fundraiser you’re starting, aims to make that fundraiser as successful as possible.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate fundraisers take place for all different reasons. Some corporate fundraisers go towards an employee in need, while others go towards a charity.

No matter why your company is raising money, here are some fundraising ideas that will help you get started:

Shave your heads for charity: Going hairless is particularly popular if the funds go to support a cancer charity. With a shaved heads fundraiser, participants promise to shave their heads if a specific amount of fundraising is reached by a deadline.

Host an office party: Everybody likes a good party. Parties are even better when the entrance fee goes towards charity. Order some food, buy some booze (if appropriate), and hire some entertainment. Invite family and friends and charge a small fee for tickets. Extend the invitation to the community. You can host your party at the office or go to a restaurant or other venue. You can also hold a raffle at the party to raise even more money for your organization.

Adult spelling bee: Have your employees compete for victory in an adult spelling bee. Your employees can compete individually or as a team. Have employees raise pledge money for each word spelled correctly. Give away a top prize and get friends and family to come watch the event. Encourage heckling from the audience and everyone is sure to have a good time.

30 Hour Famine: 30 hour famine fundraisers are popular when the fundraising goes to support those in need in a third world country. 30 hour famines give participants a small taste of what it’s like to live in an impoverished region of the world. Participants raise pledge money in exchange for going thirty hours without food. Participants are generally allowed to drink water and juice. Once the thirty hour period is over, you can throw a pizza party to reward participants.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!