High School Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Your High School with LeapTee Custom T-Shirts

High schools are publicly funded institutions. But as any high school student knows, most schools could use a little extra funding.

That’s why high schools rely on fundraising. High school fundraising campaigns can go towards all sorts of different causes, including:

  • New textbooks and school supplies
  • Sports teams and gym equipment
  • Class trips
  • Local charities or international aid organizations
  • Countless other causes
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High school fundraisers go towards good causes. LeapTee.com wants to help your high school’s fundraiser be as successful as possible. We take an innovative approach to fundraising that works particularly well with high schools.

Here’s how it works:

You create a t-shirt using our online design tool

After creating your LeapTee account, you design a t-shirt using our online design tool which takes no computer skills or fashion knowledge to use. Instead, you click and drag images and text and choose the custom colors you want to use. In minutes, you can create a t-shirt with an awesome design. That shirt may feature your school’s name or the name of the charity you’re supporting. Some LeapTee t-shirts just feature an inspirational quote. No matter what kind of t-shirt you’re designing, our wizard is remarkably easy to use.

You tell people about your fundraiser

The next step is to spread the word about your fundraiser to anyone who will listen. Fill out basic fundraiser details on your page and tell potential contributors why they should donate to your cause.

Then, spread and share your campaign with whoever will listen. This is where the power of online fundraising really comes into effect: instead of spending weeks going door to door asking for donations, you can spend a few minutes writing out emails. Tell friends on Facebook and Twitter about your high school’s fundraising campaign and see if you can make your fundraiser go viral.

We manufacture your t-shirts and send them to your contributors

As long as you sell the minimum needed to print, we manufacture your t-shirts and send them to contributors after your fund ends. Our t-shirts aren’t like any other fundraising t-shirts you’ve seen before: instead of using low-cost materials and cheap manufacturing techniques, we spend a little extra money to ensure your shirts are as soft, comfortable, and durable as possible. Plus, all our t-shirts feature a modern fit design, which means they look great on just about anyone.

Get ready to see people wearing your custom t-shirts around school! It’s a great way to give your supporters something usable while spreading awareness of your cause at the same time.

You never get charged any fees

The biggest advantage of working with LeapTee.com is that we’re entirely risk-free. You don’t have to invest any money upfront. You don’t have to risk your high school’s tight budget or worry about selling enough merchandise to break even.

Instead, you can relax knowing that your fundraising campaign can have two possible outcomes: you can break even and not make or lose any money; or you can make a lot of money for your high school.

Raise support for any cause, charity, or school

High school fundraisers come in all shapes and forms. Your high school may be fundraising to go on a school trip, for example. Or, you may need new school supplies, textbooks, or musical instruments.

No matter why your high school is launching a fundraising campaign, we want to help. People have used our website to achieve all different types of fundraising goals. We’ve helped parents adopt children, for example, and helped students go on the trip of a lifetime. There’s no fundraising goal our site can’t handle. It’s just up to you to reach your minimum shirt sales goal.

More High School Fundraising Ideas

Online t-shirt fundraising with LeapTee is an extremely effective way to raise money for your cause. Here are some more ideas you can use for your school’s fundraising campaign:

Walk-a-thon or charity run: High school students love to show off how active they are. Reward active high school students by launching a walk-a-thon or charity run. The less athletic students can walk, while the more athletic students can run. It’s all for a good cause and you can ask students to raise pledge money individually.

Auctions: Ask local businesses to donate prizes. The bigger the prize, the bigger the auction will be – see if you can get a local car dealer to auction off a vehicle! Host the auction at your school. If you don’t want to worry about organizing a complicated auction, you can also do a silent auction. This fundraising idea works particularly well when used in conjunction with a charity dinner or event.

Battle of the Bands: Battle of the Bands events can be seen at high schools around the world. Host the event in your school or rent a local venue. Sell tickets and get the audience to cheer on the best band of the night.

3 on 3 basketball tournament: Everybody loves a good competition. Host a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and charge teams an entry fee. Ask for sponsorship from local businesses. You can turn this fundraising opportunity into an annual event in your town.

Sell coupon books: High school students always come up with new and creative fundraising ideas. Sometimes, they sell tubs of frozen cookie dough. In other cases, they sell magazine subscriptions or boxes of chocolates. Coupon books, however, are particularly popular and profitable for high school fundraisers. Coupon books can be purchased from companies, or you can build your own coupon book filled with discounts for local businesses. Sell the coupon book for between $20 and $40 and you’ll meet your fundraising goals in no time!

High schools rely on fundraising for all different types of things. They use fundraising for school trips, classroom supplies, new textbooks, and countless other costs of running a school. With the help of LeapTee.com, we can give your high school the fundraising it deserves.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!