Medical Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Medical Expenses with Custom T-Shirts

Medical treatment can be incredibly expensive. A simple ambulance ride costs thousands of dollars, and extended hospital stays can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. In many cases, private insurance is able to cover the costs of medical treatment. However, there are plenty of situations when private insurance simply isn’t an option and families are left with medical bills that they cannot afford to pay.

Some families don’t have insurance. Employers may not provide full medical insurance to all employees. Or, those who are self-employed and unemployed may not be able to afford expensive monthly insurance bills.

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In other cases, a certain type of treatment may not be covered under medical insurance, or the insurance company may only cover a portion of the treatment costs. Put simply, there are hundreds of different situations where individuals are left with medical bills that they cannot afford to pay.

In all of these cases, people can turn to medical treatment fundraising for assistance. Medical fundraising relies on the generosity of others to help pay for medical bills. With donations from family, friends, and strangers, anybody can raise funds in order to pay for the medical treatment they need.

Ready to learn how can help make your medical fundraising campaign a success? Here are just a few of the ways in which we’ve helped ensure the success of previous medical campaigns:

Risk-free fundraising for medical bills and expenses

Traditional fundraising methods can be risky. You might have to buy calendars, t-shirts, or boxed chocolates in advance, for example. That means you need to sell a certain number of products just to break even. That’s not an ideal situation. The last thing you want is for your medical treatment fundraiser to lose money. Unfortunately, this happens more often than many people think.

That’s why LeapTee believes in risk-free fundraising. Our risk-free fundraising process is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your medical fundraising campaign while limiting your risk. To do that, we wait until your fund ends before we manufacture your shirts. Once your fund ends and you’ve sold the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts), we produce the shirts and ship them to all your supporters. If the minimum quantity to print is not reached, then the shirts are not printed and your supporters are never charged.


We give all fundraiser proceeds directly to you

The best online fundraising campaigns direct as much money as possible to the person in need. At LeapTee, we give 100% of all t-shirt proceeds directly to you while charging just 8% on additional donations. That means that the maximum possible amount of funding goes towards the medical treatment. We have no hidden fees, charges, or other expenses that take away from your hard-earned contributions. In fact, we even let you set the selling price of the t-shirt yourself.

Design a and stylish t-shirt people actually want to wear

Too many charity t-shirts are scratchy and uncomfortable. We take a different approach to t-shirt design. Our t-shirts are specially designed to be as comfortable as possible. We use a modern fitted design to ensure the shirts look good on just about anyone. Even better, we’ve created an online t-shirt design tool which makes creating a gorgeous shirt as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.

The end result is that your contributors are rewarded with a soft, comfortable, and stylish t-shirt that they actually want to wear. Forget about those uncomfortable charity t-shirts that are sitting in the back of your closet: LeapTee t-shirts are made to be worn.

Raising money for medical bills has never been easier

Everything is easier from the comfort of your office chair. Instead of walking around town going door-to-door asking for charitable contributions, our entire fundraising process can be completed without getting up out of your office chair. In less than five minutes, you can launch your campaign and begin raising money for medical treatment for yourself or for a loved one. Thanks to the power of the internet, fundraising has never been easier.

It’s your money to spend

Medical treatment can be expensive for all sorts of different reasons. In many cases, the payment to the hospital or clinic is just one part of many different expenses. You may have to pay for an extended stay in a different city or pay for flights across the country. When a child is sick, you may have to take a temporary leave of absence from a job in order to care for that child. Whatever your medical treatment-related expenses may be, it’s your money to spend however you see fit.

We take care of the fulfillment and shipping

Once your fund has ended (and you’ve reached your minimum sales goal), we manufacture the t-shirts and send them to all your contributors. While other t-shirt fundraising companies may ship a massive box of t-shirts directly to you and force you to pay for the costs of shipping, we make things easy and ship the t-shirts ourselves. Your contributors get their shirts as soon as possible and then we send the fundraiser proceeds directly to you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Whether raising funds in support of a sick child or covering the costs of an unexpected surgery, wants to ensure your medical fundraising campaign is as successful as possible.

More Medical Fundraising Ideas

Medical treatment can be expensive. In many cases, individuals and families cannot afford to pay for medical treatment on their own. These people are faced with a choice: avoid medical treatment or rely on the generosity of others for support.

Whether uninsured or insured, millions have relied on medical fundraising to get the treatment they need. Here are a few creative medical fundraising ideas for you or your loved one:

A charity run: Charity runs are an effective type of medical treatment fundraising – especially if the individual is seeking treatment for a particularly common disease or illness. Every year, millions run in support of cancer research, for example. Launch a 5K run in support of a loved one and ask friends and family to join. Gather sponsors and pledges from the community.

Fundraising challenges: Whether seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, it helps to give your supporters a challenge. Maybe you’ll shave your head if you raise over $2,000, for example. Or, you’ll jump in a frozen lake if you raise over $5,000. The more creative you get with challenges, the more likely people will be to support your campaign!

Organize a charity event: No matter what time of year it is, there’s always an excuse to throw a charity event. Host a Halloween party, for example, or invite family and friends over to watch the Superbowl. You can leave an anonymous donations bucket somewhere in your home or hold interactive fundraising activities – like a raffle, talent show, or auction.

Hold a garage sale or yard sale: Garage sales are a great way to raise money and clean your house at the same time. Ask friends, relatives, and neighbors if they want to contribute any items to your garage sale or help organize the event.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!