Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Mission Trips with LeapTee Custom T-Shirts

Mission trips are faith-based journeys designed to serve the needs of communities around the world. Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, for example, undergo mission trips all across the world during their late teens and early twenties. Many Christians also choose to undergo mission trips to support communities in third world countries.

Some mission trips are designed to spread messages of a certain faith around the world, while other mission trips are designed to build homes, schools, and other amenities for communities in need. No matter the reason for your mission trip, LeapTee.com wants to ensure your mission trip is a success by helping with your fundraising efforts.

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LeapTee.com makes mission trip fundraising easy by offering all of the following advantages:

Launch your entire mission trip fundraiser online

From designing your t-shirt to accepting donations, the entire LeapTee fundraising process can be completed online in minutes. Our online fundraising platform is designed to be as easy as possible to use, which means you spend more time fundraising and less time micromanaging every aspect of your fundraiser. Everything can be completed from the comfort of your computer desk.

Easy-to-use custom t-shirt design tool

People are more willing to contribute to your campaign if they receive a cool looking t-shirt as a reward. LeapTee t-shirts are famously stylish and comfortable. What’s our secret? We’ve developed a simple, yet powerful, online design tool to empower non-designers to create great-looking, meaningful shirts.  Loaded with thousands of design elements, images, fonts and more – our shirt design tool is everything you need to create a shirt your supporters want to wear.

Zero risk for you and your contributors

Every day, charities lose money due to unsold fundraising merchandise. A charity may order 100 t-shirts and only sell 50, for example, leading to a net loss. LeapTee uses a unique fundraising system that limits the risk of all parties involved. If you don’t reach a minimum shirt sales goal, then your contributors are not charged, the t-shirts are not produced, and nobody loses any money. This risk-free system is changing the way people around the world approach mission trips.

You receive the proceeds

Our fundraising platform is designed to raise as much money as possible to your mission trip. All profits from t-shirt sales are sent directly to you. After the costs of producing the t-shirt are covered, you receive a check containing the remaining proceeds. LeapTee.com charges an 8% processing fee on all additional donations.

As long as your fund has sold the minimum quantity needed to print, print + ship the shirts directly to your supports and send you the profits. At that point, it’s your money to spend. For your mission trip, money can be spent on flights to the destination, accommodations, or construction materials for building homes and other amenities.

Spread your message of faith with t-shirts people actually want to wear

Most charity t-shirts aren’t designed to be worn multiple times. In most cases, people will wear the t-shirt only once for the day of a particular charity event and then never wear that t-shirt again. Not only is this a waste of a t-shirt (and money), but it also prevents valuable messages from being spread. Think of how much more powerful your mission trip’s message will be if your supporters wear your t-shirts in public multiple times. Your t-shirts may feature an inspirational Bible quote, for example, or a simple message of love and respect. Whatever your mission trip’s goals may be, having that message on a t-shirt that people actually want to wear is always a good thing.

Easy fundraising for any type of mission trip

From home building mission trips in Africa to disaster recovery trips in Haiti, LeapTee can provide fundraising for any type of mission trip. Mission trips come in all shapes and sizes and our goal is to provide support for mission trips from all different types of faiths.

Spread and share your message across the internet with a single URL

Whether you’re heading out on a Christian mission trip or a Mormon mission trip, you’ll find millions of potential supporters online. People love to support mission trips undertaken by members of their own religious faith, and by spreading your fundraiser to the right websites or forums, you can find contributions pouring in from people you’ve never met. Once your fundraiser is up and running, you can send a simple URL to all your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and members of other websites with just a click. In short, LeapTee.com makes it easy to spread and share your mission trip message with anyone on the internet.

More Mission Trip Fundraiser Ideas

Mission trips are used to spread faith around the world. Most mission trips rely on the generosity of others in order to pay for travel expenses.

From plane tickets to accommodations, raising money for a mission trip is rarely easy. However, with the help of these creative mission trip fundraising ideas, you can easily raise money to cover all mission trip-related expenses:

Food sales and bake sales: Everybody has to eat. Why not put that eating towards a good cause? Host a pizza lunch at your school, business, or church. Or, ask the community to contribute baked goods for a bake sale. Bake sales are simple, effective, and easy to organize, making them a popular choice for young men and women embarking on mission trips around the world.

Charity auctions and raffles: Ask for prize donations from the community. You might find local businesses willing to donate excellent prizes in support of your campaign – anything from free car washes to a free weekend at a local ski hill. Then, host an auction event and see how much money you can raise. To make your auction fundraiser even more successful, pair it with a charity dinner. After your guests are well-fed and happy, launch the auction and see how much support you can get.

Church garage sale: One garage sale is good. But do you know what’s better? 10 garage sales bundled together. With the help of your congregation and your mission trip partner(s), you can launch a church garage sale. Ask for donations from the community and host the garage sale over a weekend. With the right advertising and items, you can easily raise a few thousand dollars in support of your mission trip.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!