Police Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Police Benefit with Custom T-Shirts

Police play a critical role in any community. They protect the public and provide valuable support during emergency situations.

However, the police, like many organizations, often rely on fundraising for support. Police use fundraising to achieve all different types of financial goals. Some police officers use fundraising to pay for a new squad car, for example, while others use it to support a local charity.

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No matter why you’re launching a police benefit fundraiser, LeapTee.com wants to help. Our website is specially designed to help organizations raise funds with 100% risk free. Setting up a fund on LeapTee take only minutes to setup and you can reward all your supporters with a t-shirt.

Ready to learn why LeapTee is a popular fundraising website? Here are a few of the benefits we can bring to your police benefit fundraising campaign:

Setup your police fundraiser in minutes

Setting up a police benefit fundraiser on LeapTee isn’t rocket science. In fact, it might be the easiest type of fundraising around! Simply create an account, design a t-shirt using our online design tool, write some basic information about your fundraiser, and then share your fundraiser with supporters. That’s it!

We don’t charge you to use our website. There are no fees required prior to setting up a police benefit fundraiser and there are no hidden charges applied to your account at the end of the fundraiser. We’ve designed our process to be as transparent as possible, which means we maximize the money that goes towards your local police department.

Easy to share with your local community

Police benefit fundraisers are often supported by local communities. We make it as easy as possible to spread word around your local community. Once your fundraiser is launched, we give you a URL that you can spread and share with anyone in your community. It only takes a few seconds to send an email to thousands of people. It’s much faster than door-to-door fundraising or cold calling!


Create a visible presence in your community with our made-to-be-worn t-shirts

Our t-shirts are stylish and comfortable. They’re made to be worn and come in a number of different sizes. They’re going to look great on your supporters.

Why does that matter to you? Because you can use your t-shirts to spread a positive message around your community. Your t-shirts can raise public perception of the local police office, for example, or proudly display the name of a local community. Whatever you choose to do with your t-shirts, you can be happy knowing that your supporters will actually wear them around town. They’re too comfy not to be worn!

It’s risk-free

Most police departments are on a tight budget. Unexpected expenses can push that budget over the limit. That’s why we believe in taking a risk-free approach to police benefit fundraising. After all, you don’t want your fundraiser to lose money. Here’s how our fundraisers work:

  • You launch your fundraiser and spread the word
  • Once your fund ends and you have reached or exceeded your minimum sales needed to print (as low as 5 shirts), we produce your shirts and send them to all your supporters
  • If you don’t reach your minimum sales needed to print, your shirts are not manufactured and your supporters are not charged. You don’t lose any money because there were no upfront costs to begin with.

This innovative risk-free system ensures that your fundraiser has the highest possible chance of making money in support of your local police organization.

More Police Fundraising Ideas:

Online t-shirt fundraising isn’t the only way to launch a police benefit fundraiser. Here are some other fundraising ideas you can use:

Sell a charity calendar: Why do firefighters get all the attention in calendars? Police officers can sell their own calendars, too! Hire a photographer and print off a charity calendar in support of a good cause. At the very least, it will give the police department a good laugh.

Host an auction: Police departments regularly hold auctions where they sell off seized vehicles and other items. You can host an auction like this in support of a good cause, or you can ask community members to donate prizes and then auction those prizes off at a special charity event.

Police officer talent show or play: Make the police officers work for their fundraising dollars! Put on a show and invite the public to attend.  You can have the officers dress up in silly costumes to keep the crowd entertained. The more ridiculous, the better! Sell tickets to the public in support of a good cause.

“Arrest” a local celebrity or politician: Just for fun, launch a charity event where you arrest a local politician or celebrity. Tell the public to raise a certain amount of money in order for the individual to be released. This works particularly well when used in conjunction with a local holiday or celebration – like the Fourth of July. Place the local celebrity inside a mock jail cell in the center of town and make a big presentation out of his eventual release.

Whether you’re launching a fundraiser in support of your fellow officers or you just want to support your town’s local police station, LeapTee is proud to host your police benefit fundraiser. Launch your fundraiser today and get started in minutes!

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!