School Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Your School with Custom T-Shirts

Schools around the world rely on fundraising campaigns to achieve a number of different objectives. Some fundraising campaigns go towards new textbooks, while other fundraising campaigns support student field trips.

Whether raising funds for a private school or a public school, LeapTee can help. Hundreds have already used LeapTee to raise funds for everything from adoption fundraising campaigns to medical bill payments. Today, more and more schools are realizing that crowd financing can be a very powerful tool when it comes to campaigns that benefit students.

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Why choose LeapTee for your next school fundraiser? Here are a few ways in which we help maximize your fundraising efforts:

Fast and easy online fundraising for your school

Online shopping has never been easier than it is today. Most of today’s students have never lived in a world without the internet. If something isn’t instantly accessible online, then it probably seems like too much work. From browsing through campaigns to purchasing a t-shirt, every step of LeapTee is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Anyone can contribute to the campaign within minutes, and creating a campaign is even easier thanks to our simple 5-step setup wizard.  You can create a launch your own fund in 5 minutes or less and immediately start fundraising.  Share your link with friends on Facebook and email the link to everyone you know.

T-shirts that people actually want to wear

You can give someone a free t-shirt but you can’t force that person to wear it. Free fundraising t-shirts tend to be scratchy and uncomfortable. Your students, teachers, and parents might wear it on the day of your fundraising event and then never put it on again. We know how wasteful this system can be, which is why we design our t-shirts to be as soft, stylish, and comfortable as possible. Users can customize t-shirt designs to showcase school logos or any other symbols of the campaign. Why spend money on t-shirts if people are just going to throw them out? LeapTee t-shirts are made to be worn. When more people wear the t-shirts, the message of your campaign will spread more quickly. And of course, people are more willing to pay for a t-shirt if they actually want to wear it.

Perfect for public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, and more

Whether you’re planning an overseas trip or raising money in support of a student, LeapTee is ideal for all sorts of different causes. It’s ideal for colleges, universities, and both public and private schools. If you can put your message on a t-shirt, then LeapTee is an excellent way to raise funding for your school.

Risk-free fundraising

Every day, schools invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars into making t-shirts. If a certain number of these t-shirts aren’t sold, then the fundraising campaign loses money. Even the noblest fundraising campaign has its fair share of risk, but thanks to LeapTee, any school can enjoy minimal fundraising risk. With LeapTee, every campaign is risk-free. If you aren’t able to reach your minimum sales needed to print (as low as 5 shirts) then shirts are not printed and none of your supporters are charged. It’s as simple as that.

School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a necessity for many schools. A school’s budget covers the everyday costs of learning, but for more extravagant expenses – like overseas trips or cross-country adventures – students often rely on fundraising for support.

School fundraising comes in all different shapes and forms. Here are a few different fundraising ideas for your next campaign:

Bake sales: Bake sales are an excellent form of school fundraising because you have a huge market of people with spare change at every break. Ask the kids (and their parents) to bake some cupcakes, cookies, and other tasty treats. Bring them to school and sell them for a profit. You can do this for a few days (or weeks) in a row to raise as much money as possible for your travel excursion.

School raffles: Sell raffle tickets to students and teachers. Ask local businesses to donate prizes. You can give away prizes with a raffle or host a 50/50 draw. Raffles work best when paired with another event – like a concert, a charity dinner, or a school fair.

School dance: Some people hate school dances. Other people like them. No matter how students feel about school dances, they’re a great fundraising opportunity. You can charge a small entry fee to get into the dance or give away raffle prizes at the dance. Or, sell juice, water, and pop at the dance.

A children’s concert: Music is an important part of school for many children. Why not put those music lessons to good use by hosting a concert? Charge a small entry fee for parents and family members and watch the kids put on an awesome show. No matter what kinds of instruments they play, the parents are bound to love it.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!