Travel Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for a Trip with Custom T-Shirts

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. Traveling leads to new experiences, new friends, and new memories that last a lifetime. However, traveling can also be expensive, which is why many people never get to see the world.

That’s why LeapTee wants to help. LeapTee uses a unique fundraising system in order to help anyone raise money for an upcoming trip. Our website has been used to raise funds for adoption, pay for medical bills, and support fundraising campaigns for schools. Today, more and more travelers are using the site in order to raise money for an upcoming trip.

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Some travelers are taking a trip simply to see the world. Others are volunteering at an orphanage and are simply trying to pay for their plane ticket overseas.

No matter why you’re traveling, LeapTee wants to help raise money for your adventure. Here are a few ways in which we maximize the effectiveness of your travel fundraiser:

Design your own custom shirt

When people contribute to your fundraising campaign, it’s nice to give them a reward for their support. Traditional fundraising campaigns may reward contributors with a scratchy, uncomfortable, poorly-designed t-shirt. LeapTee is different.

We’ve built our own custom shirt design tool to help you design the perfect t-shirt – no experience or skills necessary. With thousands of design elements, graphics and fonts available, creating your own t-shirt design is easier than ever.

100% of t-shirt profits are sent to you

Instead of chipping away at your fundraiser with hidden fees, taxes, and other miscellaneous charges, we send 100% of all t-shirt proceeds directly to you (minus our cost to produce the shirt). As long as you sell the minimum quantity needed to print (as low as 5 shirts), we print + ship them to your supporters and send the proceeds directly to you. If the minimum quantity to print is never met, then your contributors are never charged and shirts are not printed or shipped. This innovative, risk-free system is designed to help maximize your fundraising efforts and ensure your travel plans proceed as smoothly as possible. And since you set the shirt price, you can control how much money you want to raise.

Fast and easy online fundraising

Door to door fundraising is a thing of the past, and people don’t like to be bothered with fundraising requests over the phone. Instead of relying on old fundraising methods, why not use the internet to spread your fundraising campaign to as many people as possible? Contributors who want to order your t-shirt can do so in minutes. It’s as simple as entering basic payment information and submitting the order. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to raise funds online, LeapTee is as simple as it gets.

Easy to spread and share your campaign

Hosting a fundraising campaign online leads to all sorts of unique benefits. Posting on social media sites can attract donations from people you’ve never met. Or, travelers can post on travel forums and blogs to raise interest in the campaign. It’s easy to send someone a URL. At LeapTee, we give you that URL along with all the tools you need to make your fundraising campaign a success. Post it on Facebook, send it to your followers on Twitter, and watch your campaign snowball its way to your shirt sales goal.

Risk-free way to raise money for travel expenses

Traveling is expensive. If you’ve already started booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and other amenities, then your credit card may be feeling overloaded. Fundraising shouldn’t add more costs to your credit card. LeapTee uses a unique fundraising system that limits the risk of all parties involved. Instead of buying shirts and then trying to sell those t-shirts to make a profit, you’re guaranteed to raise money once your fund reaches/exceeds the minimum quantity needed to print. This innovative, risk-free system is transforming the way travelers across the world approach fundraising.

Whether you’re volunteering overseas or simply seeking to explore the known world, LeapTee wants to help make your campaign a success.

More Travel Expense Fundraising Ideas

So you want to go on a trip. But trips are expensive. How are you going to afford it? Today, many people turn to fundraising for support.

Sometimes, trips are taken purely for vacation reasons. However, in other cases, people take trips to pick up adopted children in foreign countries or to celebrate a gap year before/after university. Whatever the reason for your trip may be, there are plenty of good fundraising methods that will help cover travel expenses:

Reward your contributors with something tangible: In most cases, your family and friends will be the ones who support your travel fundraising campaign. Why not reward these people with something they can actually use or appreciate? For example, in exchange for donating $20 to your fundraising campaign, you’ll bring that person a trinket from your destination. Even if it’s something small and cheap, it shows that you appreciate their support. It also helps you set different fundraising levels. For example, $5 can get a supporter a postcard, while $50 can get them a nice bottle of wine.

Launch bake sales and garage sales: If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to fundraise, then you need to find a way to make a profit using everyday items. That’s exactly how bake sales and garage sales work. Ask a few friends to help you bake some cookies or setup a garage sale. This can easily be done over a weekend to help contribute a few hundred – or even a few thousand – dollars towards your travel expenses.

Reach out to friends and family on Facebook: In all likelihood, your family and friends will be the primary contributors to your travel expense fundraising campaign. Reach out to them personally via email and Facebook. Write handwritten thank-you notes to all your contributors.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!