Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Raise Money for Youth Group Fundraisers with Custom T-Shirts

Youth groups play an important role in communities across the country. They give kids and teens something productive to do after school. Some youth groups are faith-based, while others are simply designed around a common interest or age group.

Whatever your youth group may be, LeapTee can help make your youth group fundraiser as successful as possible. Most youth groups rely on the kindness of others and the charity of the community to stay afloat. Youth group fundraisers can be used to cover all the expenses associated with running a youth group – including everything from venue rentals to out-of-town trips to supporting local charities.

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No matter what type of youth group you’re working with, LeapTee wants to help make your youth group fundraiser as successful as possible. To do that, we’ve built a unique online fundraising system designed to limit fees and charges (we’ve got rid of them altogether) while also giving your supporters an easy way to support your cause.

100% risk-free fundraising with no upfront fees or charges

Most fundraising campaigns come with a bit of risk. You need to purchase inventory upfront, for example, if you want to sell boxes of chocolates. Or, you’ll need to rent a venue weeks in advance if you’re hosting a charity event. With these fundraisers, you need to sell a certain number of tickets or boxes of chocolate before your youth group fundraiser can even turn a profit.

At LeapTee, we take a different approach to fundraising that doesn’t require you or us to pre-purchase inventory. As long as you sell the minimum quantity needed to print before your fund ends, we print and ship the shirts to your contributors, and send you the proceeds. If your sales goal is never reached, then the shirts are never produced and nobody is charged.

This system allows you to enjoy risk-free fundraising without purchasing inventory in advance. The end result is that your youth group fundraiser can either be wildly successful or make no money at all. But no matter what happens, you will not lose money with your LeapTee youth group fundraiser.

Famously comfortable t-shirts designed by YOU

A lot of people have charity t-shirts that they never wear lying at the bottom of dresser drawers. What’s the point of owning a t-shirt like that? At LeapTee, we’ve made sure that your contributors actually want to wear your t-shirts by making them as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Our t-shirts are soft and feature a modern-fitted design. They look good when worn and come in a number of different sizes. Since we know you’re not a professional t-shirt designer, we’ve built an online t-shirt design tool to help you create a t-shirt that matches the message of your youth group.

That means your contributors get a t-shirt that they actually want to wear. Instead of just donating $20 or $30 to your youth group, your contributors receive something useful in return. And of course, when your contributors wear your t-shirts around town, it will spread awareness for your youth group or whatever other charitable cause you’re supporting.

You set the price of your t-shirt and keep 100% of the proceeds

Some online fundraising campaigns chip away at your proceeds with charges and fees. That’s not good. LeapTee believes in taking a different approach. Since we’re based entirely online, we’re able to limit our expenses. That means more money for your youth group.

In fact, we give 100% of t-shirt proceeds directly to you. Once your minimum sales goal is reached, we send those proceeds – along with any additional donations – directly to you. The end result is more money in your pocket and less money wasted along the way.

Perfect for any type of youth group or charity

Some youth groups travel overseas to build homes in third world countries. Other youth groups raise money for charities at home. No matter why your youth group wants to raise money, LeapTee can help. Our website has been used to help all sorts of youth groups and organizations raise money in support of a diverse range of goals.

Whether you’re raising money to cover the operating costs of a youth group or raising funds in support of an overseas trip, LeapTee can help your youth group achieve its goals with simple online fundraising.

More Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Youth groups provide a valuable service to young people in a community. Youth groups, like many other charitable organizations, generally rely on fundraising for support.

Youth group fundraising comes in all different shapes and sizes. Here are a few creative youth group fundraising ideas for your organization:

Dodgeball tournament: Dodgeball days were everybody’s favorite days in gym class. Launch a dodgeball tournament and charge each team a $10 entry fee. During the day of the tournament, host a bake sale, raffle draw, and other activities. This is a fun way for your supporters to get involved while also raising a lot of money at the same time.

Wreck a wreck: Find an old broken-down car and challenge people to swing at the car with a sledgehammer. Charge $5 for three good sledgehammer swings and watch a broken vehicle fall apart.

Car wash: Car washes are a classic fundraising opportunity. You can charge per car or make the car washes free and raise pledge money based on the total number of cars washed. It’s up to you. Talk to local gas stations to find a venue and pick a warm weekend for the event.

Yard sales and garage sales: Yard sales and garage sales are an excellent fundraising opportunity for youth groups because you have a large group of people who want to get rid of old things in their homes. Ask each member of the youth group to bring a box of items to the garage sale and host it around the church. During the garage sale, sell baked goods, barbeque items, and other food.

Design your custom t-shirt campaign and start to raise money in minutes. It’s that simple!